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Back and Neck Treatment

Back pain is one of the most commonly reported medical problems in society as well as the leading cause of job-related disability. Back and neck pain usually results from abnormalities or injuries to the muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and joints in the region and can be either acute or chronic. Acute pain usually gets better on its own with simple conservative treatments. However, chronic pain usually requires more intensive treatments and sometimes surgery.

We pride ourselves on being committed to clinical excellence and providing the highest standards of diagnosis and medical treatment to achieve maximum results in the shortest duration so that you can resume your regular and recreational activities in no time. We provide safe, cost effective, non-surgical treatment for millions of people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain every day. In order to attain our improvement rate goals, we rely on our patients’ participation and cooperation.

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E. Patrick Curry, MDBoard Certified & Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
  • University of Scranton
  • Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Thomas Jefferson University
  • The University of Utah